7 Ways to Find A Great New York Travel Deal

The state of New York attracts millions of visitors every year.  If you are thinking about checking out the sights in New York City or the other areas, the internet is the best place to catch a great New York travel deal.  There are countless websites offering savings for savvy, self-motivated travelers.  Here are a few tricks to finding online deals for your next trip to NY:

1. Discount Airfare to NY  There are hundreds of websites that offer terrific airfare to New York. Some are the big name travel sites, some are through independent agents, and even some are the airlines themselves!  Most of the major airlines offer discounts on selected routes and they post them right on their website.  They are usually called "special deals," "special offers," "hot deals," or some other related phrase.  Sometimes you can find the best deals by going directly to the source.  For example, JetBlue has some one-way fares as low as $39 USD.  Since NY is a very popular destination the key to finding a great deal on airfare is to compare what is out there, but NOT just on a comparison site.  With just a little research in regards to your flight, you can find a great New York travel deal!

2. Discount Hotels  Hotel deals are everywhere, even in the Big Apple!  Once again, with a little research, you can find awesome deals on New York hotels that are cheap AND safe.  Some websites specialize in offering great rates for accommodations throughout New York.  You can also search by hotel chain because sometimes going to the hotels website will save you more than a big travel site (a few examples are: the New Yorker Hotel , Red Roof Inn , and the Super 8 Hotel Times Square ).  Also consider Bed Breakfasts, Hostels (click here for more hostel info),Inns, Guesthouses and even renting a temporary apartment (http://www.abodenyc.com).  Saving money on your accommodations while in the city is one of the easiest ways to catch great New York travel deals!

3. NY Travel Packages If you don't really enjoy hunting for a great deal, then you should consider websites that offer travel packages.  You enter where you want to go and when, and they find the "best" rates out there for you.  Vacation packages combine air, hotel, car rental, activities, etc into one purchase.  This is great if you want a one-stop travel shopping experience.  Since you are

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combining multiple reservations into one purchase, travel packages can offer some of the best New York travel deals…and you can book in advance or sometimes last minute.  The top websites are obvious: Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz.  But there are others on the web that may offer a better price.


4. Last Minute Deals  If you don't like to plan at all, last minute deals to New York are everywhere.  So if you are a spontaneous, adventurous or just a procrastinator, you can get wonderful deals/steals by waiting for the last minute to book.  I am talking about airfare, hotels and/or tickets to events in New York!  You can get away this weekend and save up to 70% on some sites!  Sold from 14 days to 3 hours before departure.   But watch out!  Some last minute offers are NOT as good as others.  In some case, we found offers for "last minute deals" that were just $10 under the cost of the same trip planned 2 months in advance.


Conversely, we have had success at finding great New York travel deals at LastMinuteTravel.com on several different occasions.

5. Entertainment Deals  There is something for absolutely everyone in New York, and thankfully for every budget too.  Fortunately, if you are willing to plan ahead, you can use the internet to find a great New York travel deal on entertainment before you even get there!  If you are interested in the museums in NYC, then you should consider purchasing the New York CityPass (one-time fee to visit many of the sites, $53 for adults and $44 for kids 12-17).  You can also research if a New York Pass (get passes to over 40 popular attractions at a fixed price) or the New York Entertainment Book (coupons for many New York City attractions and tours) are good options for you.  


Great Tip:  Broadway tickets easily can run $60 USD or more.  However, if you visit the TKTS booth on Times Square or South Street Seaport, you can order tickets at 25-50% below face value!  Now that's a great New York travel deal!!

6. Transportation Deals  Between taxis, the subway and buses, you can get where ever you want to go in NYC.  However, you will save the most money by avoiding taxis (expect late at night or for long trips).  From the airport, you can take the Port Authority's Airport Express Buses (one-way costs about $12-$15 USD), it is a fast, cheap, reliable service to your hotel.  If you feel confident navigating a combination of buses and subways, you can go anywhere for just $2.00 USD by getting a MetroCard (it allows free transfers).  If you plan to take 3 or more rides a day, then you should investigate all of the optional passes.   Get a map of the city (click here for a few great NYC map options), understand the basic layout of the city and the subway system…BEFORE you go.  With a little planning you can save a lot on your transportation costs while in New York.

7. Travel Newsletters  If you are the planning sort and you are interested in finding great New York travel deals, then it would be in your best interest to sign up to receive a newsletter from a site that specializes in travel deals.  One of my favorites is TravelZoo.  They email me once a week with the latest, hottest web deals for travel all over the world.  Sometimes they even send me travel deals that are specific to my area.  This is an awesome service and I have caught some excellent deals this way (with a little patience).   They usually have a least one New York travel deal a week. There are many out there, just pick one that feels right for you.